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Established in Dubai, Reborn has collaborated with prestigious brands across the region’s top luxury groups including Fairmont Hotel, Edition Hotel, Bulldozer Group, Soho Hospitality, TWG, and Aqua properties, among others..

We pride ourselves on our in-depth exploration of each brand’s essence, tailoring strategies to unlock market potential and achieve objectives with a cost-effective yet creatively dynamic approach.At the heart of Reborn’s success is our experienced management team, boasting a wealth of Middle Eastern luxury market knowledge gained over decades across key sectors such as fashion, beauty, hospitality, food & beverage, corporate, and art & design.

With an intimate understanding of the regional luxury landscape and strong ties to global brands, Reborn has empowered both local and international entities to enhance and safeguard their brand reputation.Our agency has cultivated strong connections with regional media, influencers, VIPs, celebrities, and lux

Renata Messarra

The dynamic founder and CEO of Reborn Consultancy, a top-tier boutique PR agency located in Dubai, is renowned for her visionary leadership. With more than 15 years of experience in Public Relations and Marketing, she has solidified her position as a leading authority in the industry. Since founding Reborn Consultancy in 2021, Renata has been celebrated for her strategic vision and innovative campaigns that drive tangible results. Her leadership has earned Reborn Consultancy multiple awards, underscoring the agency's commitment to excellence and innovation in the field.

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